I've been vacationing in Myrtle Beach with family since I was young enough to have my diaper full of sand! I have worked in Advertising and traveled all over the country to meet with clients, yet it is Myrtle Beach that brings me back to where I want my business to be! With a Marketing/Business degree, experience managing teams of people, and maintaining client relationships, it's exciting taking on the challenge of owning a rental property. My goal is to give the renters an enjoyable, clean, relaxing environment where they can experience all Myrtle Beach has to offer at an affordable price, rather than the pricey high-rise condos. I want the same renters to want to come back to my property year-after-year because that's where they are most comfortable! Another benefit of renting my beach house is I also live in Myrtle Beach 15 mins away & can be accessible if you need anything during your stay!